SmartSuite is VERY dangerous to use in certain situations. Today, I selected a bunch of records (87 records, to be precise). I was planning to export them. Just before I clicked Export, I noticed a small mistake with one of the records so I clicked into that field and fixed the mistake. Of course that meant that all of the records were modified in the same way. VERY VERY BAD.
I know this is a problem and I warn my clients not to use the record selection check boxes precisely for this reason. So I goofed up. But this is instructive. I'm a pretty expert user, and I am aware that selecting records like this is dangerous, yet I did it any way and got bitten. My clients are NOT expert users and the odds of one them doing something even worse are rather higher.
We need several changes here to the UI, and urgently.
There needs to be a confirmation dialog before there's a batch overwrite of data in multiple records. If you select a bunch of records and then click Delete in the command widget that appears at the bottom of your screen, you get a confirmation dialog. That's good. (The default response there is the destructive one, which seems to me a mistake. But at least there's a confirmation request.) We should get a confirmation request of the same sort before SmartSuite will overwrite multiple records. In some circumstances I've seen such a confirmation request. But I didn't see it today.
And ideally, we need UNDO. The confirmation dialog is critically important because we still have no ability to undo a batch change to records. I think an undo action that's as good as Airtable's is the most important improvement SmartSuite could offer. But until we get that, a confirmation dialog before overwriting multiple records is really needed.
Follow-up prayer: I really really wish that I could prohibit my users from being able to select all the records and/or see that command toolbar at the bottom when they do. We can hide the toolbar at the top in views. Wish I could hide the lower command bar too. One of these days, one of my clients is going to select 800 records, click Delete and then click Enter (the default) and I'm going to have a crying (and possibly swearing) client on the phone in five seconds.