As a sales consulting company we often have clients who run their CRM operations in AirTable. In order to streamline our communication, we need a 2-way connection between SmartSuite and Airtable.
We are looking into ability to automatically create and update records in SmartSuite based on changes made at their end in AirTable. The opposite case is also valid: we often need to create/update items when a record in SmartSuite gets created/modified.
With this bi-directional capability, teams who are using Airtable for certain business processes could extend their work with SmartSuite without losing access to what they have already built in Airtable. Processes that are more easily build and managed in SmartSuite would then have access to up-to-date information contained in Airtable, without needing to use an external tool like Zapier or and incurring additional cost.