Enable users to use formulas and/or filters to display a specific value from a chart.
For example, lets say I have a database of people who RSVP'd to my party with either a "Yes" or "No" response (let's call this database "Party RSVPs". I want to be able to display both the "Yes" and "No" responses separately on my dashboard. To do this, I should be able to customize two separate Metric widgets, with the first displaying the total count of all all records from "Party RSVPs" that responded "Yes", and the second widget showing total count of "No".
It would be nice to also have the ability to use formulas to derive at a value that can be displayed with the option of pulling from multiple databases. For example, let's say I want to combine the total cost from two different databases, I would be able to do so simply by selecting from a multi-select list of all my databases, then subsequently selecting a value (or field of choice from both databases) to Sum or Count.
Salesforce dashboards has this feature so I am sharing a screenshot of how it can be incorporated with the other widgets. The image is not related to my personal example.