A real SmartSuite strength is its ease of use for the end user. However, the Home of SmartSuite feels very Builder-focused.
Like Airtable, this Home is focused on features, Webinars, and units of organization (Solutions). Those reflect how the
of a SmartSuite account might think about work.
However, it feels like a missed opportunity to double-down on the ease of use for the end user. (Because, unlike Airtable, the average end user doesn't need to know as much as the builder...which is a huge selling point.)
#1 Rework the above-the-fold portion of the Home Page to feel more end user focused by adding:
  • My Work (so I don't have to click on the Check to see it) -- like Todoist and ClickUp
  • Customizable widgets such as a "My Calendar" or "Starred" or "Notifications" or any of the existing widgets available in Dashboards -- like Asana
#2 Move the existing Home Contents (Solutions & Learning Resources) down on the page so they're available in case folks don't want to customize Home.